Running Adventures of a Trail Brat

No entry into HR. So what’s a girl to do?


Running through slot canyons in Antelope CanyonFourth year of applying to HR and still no golden ticket. Oh well, fortunately there are a lot of other trails to conquer and Mr. Matt Gunn has made my Plan B a lot more realistic. Instead of Running amongst the monuments of Monument Valleyworking to tackle the Rocky Mountain Grand Slam in 2015, I will…drum roll…complete all seven of the Ultra Adventures 100 mile races. This involves completing one race a month from February through August on some pretty spectacular trails located in southern Utah/northernArizona.



The race schedule is as follows:

Running along the Kaibab PlateauThanks to Matt Gunn, for making me one of his Ultra Adventures ambassadors, I am super excited to tackle what I’d like to call 7 47. You see there are 7 races and this year I turn 47 in March (during the Monument Valley race, in fact). I got the name idea from Malcolm Law who ran New Zealand’s mainland 7 Great Walks in 7 days. He called his challenge 7in7. Thanks, Mal. 🙂

capitolreefAs an Ultra Adventures ambassador, I’ll be posting a blog entry here about each race I complete in the series. If you know me, you Running to Pink Cliffs Aid Stationknow I’m not much of a blow by blow race reporter. Instead I’ll try and string together maybe a little Go Pro footage and pictures with some of my thoughts on the adventure. Each race also has what Matt is calling a Trifecta, which consists of three trails in the same vicinity as the race course. Matt hopes Tushars mountain are the third highest mountain range in Utahto encourage others to explore the area beyond the course markings. I hope to possibly have some extra time to explore a trail or two or three at some of the races. However, I am also encouraging any friends that travel with me who are doing one of the shorter distances to explore these Trifecta trails, as well. If I get any takers, I’ll be sure to also post their impressions of these additional areas.

I am certain that all of these races will be spectacular as I ran both Zion 100 and Bryce Canyon 100 during their inaugural year. I can’t wait, so stay tuned!

Happy New Year and happy trails. 🙂

Photo credits: Photos of Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon and Tushars taken from Ultra Adventures website. Photo from Zion taken by me at Zion 100 in 2012. Photo of me taken at Bryce Canyon retrieved from Facebook. Photo of Capitol Reef taken from Wikimedia Commons.


3 thoughts on “No entry into HR. So what’s a girl to do?

  1. Love it!! Looking forward to reading about your journey!

  2. Reblogged this on Vanessa Runs and commented:
    My friend Lynette McDougall and fellow Ultra Adventures Ambassador will be attempting to complete all 7 of the UA 100-mile races in one year! WOW! Here’s her plan.

  3. Excited to see your training for this race! And congrats on the ambassadorship, that’s awesome!

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