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Antelope Canyon 100

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Antelope Canyon Elevation Profile

To a seasoned ultra runner, this elevation profile may not look too intimidating. However, though useful information, you shouldn’t judge a race solely by its elevation profile.

Here are a things the Antelope Canyon profile won’t tell you. (Click the image below to view a YouTube video of the course or click direct link here.)

View of Upper Antelope Canyon entrance

I’m always happy to reach the finish line. Yep, those white flecks are snow. The steady drizzle turned to snow about 1 1/2 hours before I reached the finish line.

At the Finish Line

This is what feet can look like after running 30 miles in sand dune-like sand, 10 miles on slickrock, and 60 miles on hard pack trail over slickrock.

Feet after running 100 miles at Antelope Canyon

Try as hard as I did to not bring home any of the Antelope Canyon canyon sand, with the rain, it was just unavoidable.

Sandy shoes

Unfortunately, I was not able to fit in any of the Anthelope Canyon Trifectas. The following links have, however, inspired me to return next year to Antelope Canyon just so I can check out these uniquie and awesome areas.

Cable Trail to Colorado River video by Travis McWhorter

White Pocket blog post by Jill Williams

As always, thank you Matt Gunn, Ultra Adventures, other races officials, race volunteers and fellow runners for an inspirational and challenging adventure in the desert.


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