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Daughters of Distance Book Review

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Have you read Daughters of Distance by Vanessa Runs? If you have, Vanessa introduced you to Colleen Zato, a bubbly ultrarunner who enjoys wearing pink lipstick and stopping to smile and pose for a picture no matter what the trail throws at her.

I met Colleen in 2012 at Beyond Limits Ultra Marathons. I was running for 45 hours to celebrate my 45th birthday and Colleen was running the 100 mile distance. We exchanged greetings the day before her race (I started a day earlier) and the following day while we were both out on the approximately one mile loop course. Colleen told me she thought I was inspiring and I responded with a polite ‘thank you’ all the while thinking to myself that running 45 hours really just requires putting one foot in front of the other and continuing to repeat…for 45 hours. I know I need to be less humble.

Women more than men do not take the time to give themselves credit for their accomplishments. Daughters of Distance artfully covers this topic as well the following topics:

  • femininity
  • emotions
  • discrimination and inequality
  • confidence
  • relationships
  • balance and guilt
  • competition
  • safety and fear
  • disorders and addiction
  • life stages and aging

Daughters of Distance is by no means a tell all. Instead it’s intent is to promote a dialogue among readers.To assist in keeping the conversation going, Vanessa uses results from numerous interesting studies and papers as well as the ideas and opinions of male and female ultrarunners.

Daughters of Distance is an excellent read for everyone. The ultrarunner will learn that there are a variety of reasons why we run the distance, however in the end we really aren’t all that different regardless of age, sex, preference of sexual partner or marital status. The runner who may not be interested in running the ultra distance will discover that runners in general really aren’t all that different. Even the non running reader will appreciate that though we may have different points of view, at the core we are all pretty similar.


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